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How to manage Bluetooth 4.0 devices on iOS 10

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Hello again!

Since the introduction of Bluetooth LE or “BLE” or Bluetooth Smart back in 2010, it increasingly gained too much attention from both manufacturers and developers equally since it brought numerous improvements such as low energy consumption, relatively small size, and most importantly the ability to broadcast signals between multiple devices; just to name a few. Some might ask why should we even care about Bluetooth 4.0 now knowing that Bluetooth 5.0 has been already out for almost a year; The reason I am writing this now is that Bluetooth 5.0 is not adopted but most IoT/smartphones OEM just yet; Samsung GALAXY S8 might be the only device supporting the latest Bluetooth standard while this post is written.

Target audience

If you are an iOS developer who is working on a application that involves broadcasting data to one or more Bluetooth 4.0 enabled devices (Peripheral) or receiving advertised data (central) and everything in between. This article is for you.